How to store self-made cosmetics in style

So how do you store home made scrubs, oils and shampoos ? You need something made of a material that doesn't react with the contents. And, as Doe Deere says: "cuteness is non-negotiable".

Which material ?

Dark glass or ceramic is the best. Metal is a non-no, since it's likely to interact with ingredients of the cosmetic. Plastic is also not too good, because of PABAs and all that.
Glass and ceramics won't lech into your cosmetic, they are eco-friendly and they look great ! Clear glass does let the light through, so it might not be the best thing to store light-sensitive stuff for a long time though.

Where to get containers ?

Apart from re-using containers that you may already have, flea-markets or Goodwill stores (Social markets for those of you in Europe) are the best place for gorgeous containers. Look for old perfume bottles, condiment containers, ink bottles with cork stops...

How to decorate ?

Here are my favourite ideas from the web. Click on pics for tutorials or more pics.






So how do you store your self-made cosmetics ? Got any tips ? I'll be sharing photos of my own collection soon. 

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