Just A Few Toxins Won't Hurt You

A common reaction to warnings of toxic chemicals in cosmetics is "but such a tiny quantity couldn't hurt !"

Ever heard of Homeopathy ?

Homeopathic medicines are made by diluting the active substances so so much, that the final medicament contains infinitesimally teeny tiny amounts of it, maybe a couple of molecules. And yet these medicaments are powerfully effective (they cured me of a couple of nasty sicknesses.)
So you see, even a tiny amount of something can have a powerful effect over the body.

It adds up

We are exposed to thousands of chemicals each and every day. All those tiny quantities add upto chemical body burden of at least 700 chemicals for an average person!

We can avoid half of toxic chemicals we take in

We put around half of these toxins voluntarily into our bodies: we do have the control which food, household detergents, cosmetics and water bottle we choose. Some of us have even some control over their work area, like choosing not to use air fresheners.
We cannot live in an environment completely free from toxic chemicals unless we escape to the Amazon basin, but we can do a lot to avoid a good chunk of them.

Be smart. Read the labels.
Don't let yourself be poisoned.
You don't have to choose between beauty and health.

Photo by Will Gortoa  

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