Bolivians Do It Way Better. Costumed Parties, I Mean.

Halloween has nothing on these guys. Absolutely.
The colours, the fantasy ! There must have been hundreds of costumes, from angels to demons, each fantastically handcrafted !

These photos were taken by my amazing backpacker husband. He was just walking down a street of Cochabamba, Bolivia, when he bumped into this. I miss living in a country where I could randomly bump into awesomestuff.

Click on the photos to see them large. These fantastic costumes absolutely deserve that !

I wish I knew what the stuff on these cars represented. Anyway, check out the lamas on the 2nd car !




Most of the costumed people were dancing. Some of the costumes must have weighed a lot !

Yes, this guy was dancing too. Try to imagine it ! His costume is huuuge !


This costume is cool. Move over, Batman.

Amazing costume

And this little condor is the cutest:

Spaniards. Conquistadores. Donas and Torros. Ole !


And the Indians. With lots of feathers.


Of course, no procession is complete without Cholitas. Here in green and orange.




For Bolivian Wolverine and neon Archangels, see the rest of the photos.

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