Most Idiotic Comemnts Of Bra Sellers


Ever seen that bewildered look of the store girl when you as for a *gasp* 65G ? Not me, Ialways buy bras online. But many ladies that broke out of the Bra Matrix bravely storm shops, partially in hopes of inspiring the stores to have a full range of bra sizes. Many of the responses of the salesgirls are so good that it would be a pity not to share them with the English-speaking world.


  • "You wanted to get your boobs enlarged, so now suffer -- 70D is not manufactured."
  • "This is a store for normal women" (bra size requested was 70G)
  • "Where have you heard such nonsense ? This G is like thiiiis (waving hands to indicate that G boobs go from the neck upto the navel). Look (takes out grey tent) this is G. And here we have such nice bras. See this one." "But madam, this is a C" "Yes, exactly. So smart and hasn't read that 80% Polish girls wear C ?"
  • Bra size requested: 75F. The salesgirl said that F begins with a 95 band, and smaller are not produced. When the lady tried to explain that she had such a difference between breast an underbust measurements, she heard: "Madam, such a difference you can have after a plastic surgery of removing the ribs !"
  • "For breasts like yours, bras are not produced." (the lady later found out she needs a 70G)
  • The salesgirl takes out a armour-bra build up to the neck, and to the question "would you have something sexier" she answered, in a voice full of outrage "in THIS size ?"
  • "You know Madam, for fatter ladies we have 110C, and not some 80 or 85"
  • "Oh, are you pregnant ?"
  • "It's nice but you just need a 85B"
  • "Breasts should be measured naked, not in a pushup."
  • Lady: "Good day, do you have 70 bands ?"
    Salesgirl: "Which cup ?"
    Lady (shyly): "H..." 
    Salesgirl: "Oh. Oh,well we don't have, but please do come in, we like to have strange things in the store..." 
    (the lady's comment on the forum: So am I a mutant after all 

Did you get idiotic, insulting or ridiculous comments when asking for a size other that 75B ?

Photo by bhampton1963

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