Sports Bra Favourite: Freya Active Underwire


Never having worn any sports bras myself (the most 'strenuous' thing I do is hoopdance), I was thrilled when ina60eorf send me this review of what she finds is the best sports bra. BTW, take a look at ina60eorf's bra metamorphosis after she found out her correct bra size on my site !

I've worn a lot of sports bra - compression and encapsulated .. this one is the best I've ever worn.

It's the Freya Active Underwire in Beige. It's nice because you don't get uni-boob and it does give you a shape. I bought 28E. I find the cups are a bit small but not enough to go up a size.

It is a bit of a strange fit as it moves things east west so there is a lot of material at the armpit - almost like a minimizer.

The band is a bit tight but I like that in a sports bra.

There is virtually no movement even while running. There is a good range of motion for sports that require your arms to be moving i.e., aerobics, weight lifting, boxing, etc.

The fabric is wicking and really does help moisture drawn away. Plus it's very soft not scratchy at all. It's also thicker and sturdier than the material in any other bra I own.

The straps are padded. Honestly it's probably one of the nicest feeling comfie bras I own. And you've seen how many I own!!! I've seen reviews from other women who wear it as an everyday bra - I can see why they would.

The lady on the left (photo from Figleaves) is wearing the correct size, while the lady on the right is not (she needs to go up a cup size). Can you spot why ?


Bra Specifications:

Colours: Beige, Red, White and Black.
Sizes: 28D to 38H
Video of a 34D running in it, from Herroom.
Also available: a model without underwires.

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Update: Another interesting review can be found here.

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