To workout thighs, work from the heels; to workout the calves, work from the toes

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This is a great tip I've learned from the ladies at Wizaz:

If you are doing your exercise from the toes, the effect is in the calves. If you work from the heels, the effect is more on the thighs and butt.

Working from the toes means having your toes pointed during leg lifts etc, or standing on your toes. Working from the heel is when the foot is flexed, or when you are standing with the feet flat on the floor.

Example exercises:
Skipping rope, stepper, running, Pilates (usually done with flexed feet=working with the heel,) Tamilee Webb's exercises, etc. Some, like the stepper, can be done both ways.

          I wonder what this means to wearing heels vs flats ?

Photo by  Eternal*Voyageur

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