Tutorial: Eyeshadow Palette From CD Jewel Case


If you are like me, you hate having your eye-shadows and blushers in lots of tiny little containers. I often apply my make-up in the last moment, and I can never find the container that I want !

So, I decided to put all my eye-shadows on a single palette, and blushers on another. I used CD jewel cases, and it took me around 15 minutes.

You will need:

  • Eyeshadows or blushers
  • Empty CD jewel cases (look for thicker ones, not the flat thin ones).
  • A knife
  • Glue, or glue gun 


I didn't use the glue gun in the end, since I figured it could get quite messy


** Carefully, pry the eye shadow loose from it case.**

You will notice that the shadow in in a little metal container, which is glued into the plastic base. Be careful to insert the blade between the metal and the plastic ! That means, outside of the metal rim !

* Watch out: Be very gentle, and work slowly !
If you don't do this part carefully, you might crack the shadow.
If you do crack the shadow: Cover the shadow with a piece of foil or plastic bag, then press very hard with your thumb. Hopefully the pressure will squeeze the powder back together.
* Watch out: not all eye shadows can be taken out this way ! Sometimes the metal rim is too soft, and starts bending. In that case, I guess its best to leave that shadow alone, otherwise it might break.


**Remove the inner part of the CD jewel case.**

Not all CDs have this ! If yours doesn't, make sure that it is the thicker, bulkier kind of CD case ! The thin flat ones are usually too thin for makeup.


**Arrange you make-up in the case.**

You might want to group it by colour, or by lightness/darkness. Or you might want to separate the matts from the glitters. My stuff had all different sizes, so I worked with that.
Watch out: Try closing the lid of the case. Usually there is a gap on the left side, and small protrusions on the top of the case. If the lid doesn't close, you might want to move things around a bit.

I left the black palette as is, because it was impossible to take out the pigments without cracking them (the metal containers were too soft). The lid and little feet of the palette have been removed, though.

Glue the pigments into the CD jewel case:

Top: eye-shadows. 
Left: blush & bronzers; right: eye-shadow from Dr. Hauschka. It's organic, and after I collect enough of it I plan to throw the toxic ones away.

Finding it a bit plain ? Decorate away !

You could use paint, ribbons & lace, rhinestones, decoupage...

Ta-da !

I used window colours on this one.

Any idea on how to reuse these ?

I hope that you liked this little tutorial ! I'm constantly making little stuff around the house, and I have realised that I could make photos and post little tutorials on here !

Have you ever made something similar ? Do you have ideas on other ways to make a make-up palette ? Let me know in the comments !

Photos by Eternal*Voyageur (me).
If you use them, please link back to me !    

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