5 Vitamins for a Healthier, Prettier You


   When it comes to beauty, no product on earth can match the glow of health. beauty does come from the inside, precisely from the stomach: you body is made up of what you put into it. I'd say that what determined your beauty is 40% genes, 40% food & lifestyle, and only 10% products ! Today we have Gues Blogger Mary Ward, who will tell you which vitamins will get you those sparkling eyes, clear skin and strong hair !

5 Vitamins for a Healthier, Prettier You

     We’d all love to take a trip to the “fountain of youth” sometimes. There may be moments when we look in the mirror and barely recognize the face looking back at us. Additionally we may feel rundown from too little sleep and too much chaos. You can quickly see the effects of leading a less than healthy life when we feel as though we are running on empty all the time, and we’re more apt to get sick more frequently. The reality is that most of us could use a boost not only for our health, but for our beauty as well. When we get run down, we get sick, and this compromises our health. All of these things combined with poor eating habits, too little exercise, and not enough sleep each night contribute to a less than beautiful self.
   If you want to work towards a healthier and prettier you, then focus in on the vitamins that will help you to get there. In addition to living a healthier lifestyle and really taking care of yourself, there are several vitamins that can ensure you find the best “you” that you’ve ever seen.

Vitamin A: 

   Not only does Vitamin A provide the body with some key nutrients required for normal body function, but it also keeps the skin looking gorgeous. Many people look to Vitamin A as the “anti-aging” nutrient because it seems to stop the hands of time. If you use Vitamin A in a supplement form, you ensure that your body gets some crucial elements required for functioning. Additionally you can keep your skin looking younger and healthier, and this all translates to a beautiful glow that instantly means a prettier you.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 

   Though this is more of a full fledged nutrient, it contains some essential vitamins and active ingredients. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart, important to maintaining a lower cholesterol, and imperative to keeping your health intact. They also happen to result in more energy, healthier skin, and a better complexion. Be sure to include the appropriate dosage of Omega-3 fatty acids in a supplement form for a better picture of health, and an inner and outer beauty as well.

Vitamin E: 

   There’s a reason that so many people turn to Vitamin E to repair and ensure healthier skin. Vitamin E helps to restore skin to its natural state, and naturally repairs any blemishes. It also happens to be important for certain organs which are all crucial to how the body functions. Vitamin E can help to repair skin conditions, particularly those that have come about after excessive sun exposure. Though it can work in a topical cream or lotion, the most effective application is through a vitamin supplement. Use Vitamin E each day for better skin, proper body function, and a much prettier you.

Vitamin C: 

   We turn to this vitamin when we battle the common cold, but we should be looking to it more often. Vitamin C helps to stop the hands of time and works towards anti-aging naturally. This is true for the energy that it provides to the body, the manner in which it boosts the immune system, and the boost it provides to the skin. So you feel better on the inside, and look better on the outside—that’s what natural vitamin therapy is all about. In addition to taking a Vitamin C supplement each day, you can also think about including foods that are rich in it such as oranges and sweet potatoes for an extra boost.

Vitamin B3: 

   Though many people don’t often think of this particular vitamin readily, it’s important for many different areas of your health. It’s an important nutrient that your body craves, and it also happens to be of great help in reducing any redness or blemishes in the skin. Taking a Vitamin B3 supplement each day helps with the production of fatty acids within the body, and it also helps to provide a natural moisturizer. This results in healthier glowing skin, better hair, and of course health and beauty from the inside out.
   Before you go out and spend too much money on health potions and creams, turn to vitamin therapy. Sometimes the very best remedies for a healthier and prettier you come in the way of giving your body what it really needs. Turning to these vitamins can ensure that you get to the healthiest and pretties you possible.

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