Bra Brands: La Senza -- Lace, Feminity and Colour Now In Cup G


La Senza, formerly known for gorgeous bras for small busts, has recently expanded it's repertoire to cup size G ! What's more, the models for bigger sizes are just as gorgeous, and won't break the bank. Although it's still a far cry from a full range of sizes, La Senza is a great option for gorgeous bras for those that are within their size range.

   Very feminine, ranging from sweet to boudoir. Lots of lace, bows and satin, although you can find some subtler styles. Lots of jewel tones.

Sizing: Important !!!
   La Senza tends to have bands tighter than standard, and the cups tend to be small, although not always ! So to someone wearing an EU 75E I'd suggest trying on a 80F in La Senza (a useful guess for Ebay; if buying from the online store, just order a couple of sizes and send back the ones that don't fit.)
For details take a look at the non-standard cups and bra band tables.
Underwires range from quite narrow to broad.

Sizes Available:
Bands: 30 to 40 (EU 70 to 95), in practice 28 to 38, see above.
Cups: A to G
All of these cups are not available in all the band sizes 

Models & Styles:
Most bras are padded, and are either balconette or demi-cup.
There are some *gasp* pretty T-shirt bras,
There are a couple of nursing bras, but just one look at the models shows that they are provide zero support.
La Senza carries an array of speciality bra solutions for all those frontless, backless dressless dresses you want to wear.
Matching knickers are usually available 

Bra Fitting
   Ouch. Just look at their models, 9 out of 10 have cups way too small. I heard that their fitting of customers is not very good either. Just do your own fitting, and you'll be fine !

Quite reasonable, starting from 15£... sometimes including matching knickers !

Where to buy:
Check their store locator on their site for stores in your country.
They do ship internationally, but you do need a credit card.
There are lots floating around on Ebay, often dirt-cheap.

Websites: (UK) (US & Canada)

*Disclaimer: this post was not sponsored in any way.
But, I would like to get some of these gorgeous La Senza Bras for reviews, please !

There will be posts on other noteworthy bra brand coming soon ! What other info would you like me to include ?


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