Bra Sizing In Swimsuits

Should you get a swimsuit in your new correct bra size ? Where do you find a 30J swimsuit anyway ? Once you´ve gone discovered your correct bra size, you might be wondering about swimsuit sizing.

Should you continue buying 75D bikinis if you´re wearing a 65G bra now ?

    Do you need lift and support ? If your boob shape and firmness is such that it will support any kind of swimsuit you wear, then wear whatever you want. However if you need the swimsuit to support the boobs (and not vice versa), you need a swimsuit in the same size as your bras. Signs: your boobs are flattened by the swimsuit, the nipple hangs lower than halfway between shoulder and elbow, or you get a lot of bounce and sway. A swimsuit in the right size can work wonders. Check out these photos to see the difference: the swimsuit on the left is a regular one, the one on the right is a Panache Grace in 30J. Isn´t the difference amazing ? Not only do her breasts look much better, her whole figure looks more shapely:
click pic for more photos and explanations

Where do I get a swimsuit in a wide range of bra sizes ?

   I really recommend Bravissimo. It stocks bands from 28 (60) to 40 (90) and cups from UK D to K. They have an online store in UK, Europe, US, Canada and Australia. Then there is UK based Brastop, which has swimsuits on sale with prices going as low as £12. They usually have only a few pieces of each item, and their invertory changes all the time. BrasAndHoney are also really good.

Tops & bottoms: together or separate ?

   Good companies allow you to choose the top and bottom of the swimsuit separately. Just because you wear a large cup size doesn´t mean you can´t have small hips, or vice versa ! Also, you can save cash by investing in a good bikini top from, say Panache, and buying the bottom from, say,  HandM.

What does it mean when a swimsuit cup is labeled "B" ?

    Darn me if I know. Readers of this blog know that there is no such thing as a B cup. Cup size is always relative to band size. A 65B will have much smaller cups than a 80B. So a good bikini top should be labeled just like a bra: cup size and band size. That brings me back to fact that a good brand should offer a size range from 60B to 110B.
So if something is just labeled "B", I´m guessing that it might be around 80B to 85B... because the bands sold in typical stores range from 70 to 95, and I´m taking the average. So, you need to try it on to be sure. 

This is just a small overview of bra sizes in swimsuits. Do you guys have more question ? I´m ready to do more specific posts !


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