Evil Pushups and Good Pushups

First, let´s clarify the difference bewteen push-ups and padded bras, since a lot of people seem to mix them up.
Padded bras have thick cups, that make the breasts look slightly bigger. Push-ups have a small "cushion" on the bottom of the cup. This makes the space in the cup less, and the breasts "spill over" from the top. This cushion can be built in, or it can be a removable insert. And yes, all push-ups are padded.

The problem with push-ups

aka why they should never be worn everyday
   Wearing the typical push-ups regularly kneads the breast tissue making it unfirm, and can also make nice little (or big) armpit rolls. If you are 16, you might not notice that yet. If it´s been a long time since you were 16, well, you boobs could look better ! Read on !
 The foam or silicone insert in push-ups makes the breast tissue take on a strange shape, it´s practically kneading it. The whole day. 
 It also makes the bra cup too small, pushing the breasts out the top of the cup... but not only the top. Breast tissue often escapes from the sides and sometimes even the bottom, especially if the band is not snug enough to hold it all in. Hello armpit rolls !
  Daily wearers of push-ups are doing their boobs a big disservice. A "cure" consisting of wearing well fitted soft bras most of the time helps the breasts to firm up and regain it´s shape. I said well-fitted, mind you. And when you´re not wearing a low-neck, don´t bother with a push-up. A soft bra can actually give you a better shape ! Check out these photos if you don´t believe it.

But I want need a cleavage !

  fear not ! There is a way...
    When you want to have a spectacular cleavage, try a special push-up bra. These work by pushing the breasts closer together. The cups are not too small like in a typical push-up. Rather, they are big enough to hold the whole breast, and don´t allow anything to escape from the sides. These bras are also plunge style, meaning that the center is very low, allowing you to wear really deep V-necks.
    They are available in a good range of sizes (even up to GG), so you won´t be wearing a 75C when you actually need a 65FF. Just because a girl has bigger hills, doesn´t mean that they are close together and form a deep boob valley.
They are not meant for everyday use, since some breast distortion always occurs in any padded moulded bra, but they are much better than a typical push-up.
And they give a spectacular cleavage. Really. Truly.

Freya Retro Basic

How to fit a "good" push-up bra correctly

  aka not for beginners.
   These bras have a wide but shallow cups, and fit very differently from normal bras. They should not be worn by those starting out with their correct bra size: due to their strange fit you won´t know whether you are wearing  the right size or not; besides you need a soft bra to reverse breast tissue migration and for the breasts to recover its shape. Go*here* if you have no idea what I´m talking about. You need to break out of the Bra Matrix !
   A lot of people find bras like these very built-up, meaning that the cups reach towards the back, and very high up the armpit. This actually helps the bra to gather all the breast from the sides and push it to the front. This makes the bra look bigger optically, though when you wear it the center of the bra is actually quite low and reveals lots of skin. Some people have the impression that the cups are too small, because of the breasts "spilling out" of the cups in the center. Often there is empty space at the bottom, some parts of the cup may not lie flat along the skin.
   The conclusion ? Try the "good" push-ups only when you´ve established your correct size, reversed any migration, and have an idea of how a bra should lie on you. I promise, the effect will be spactacular !

The bra models of this kind that I´m aware of:

Inferno by Panache 
(multiway straps, thickly padded, many colours, wide underwires. Till G cup, but only from band size UK36)
Retro by Freya
(lightly padded, fixed straps, narrow underwires)
Deco by Freya
(Till GG, but the cups run big, so practically till H. Again, narrow underwires)
Elomi Smoothing plunge (Till GG cup)
Superboost by Gossard 
(thinly padded. Go a cup size higher than usual.)
Minx Flirtelle 
(stretchy band, take one size tighter. Inferior quality)

Check these out: