Balkonetka's Bra Catalogue: real photos of well-fitted bras on real breasts

Photos on online stores are really inadequate when it comes to choosing bras. Every wanted to see real photos on real girls (not photoshopped tall models, who make everything look different). Ever wondered whether the bra is as transparent as on the shop´s photo ? As pretty ? As deep cut ? As bright-coloured ? How would it look on breasts of a different size or shape ?

   I was thrilled that the Balkonetka Blog has started a Bra Database. Every bra is photographed on it´s owner, who then adds observations about the cup size, underwires and general comfort. These comments are much more detailed and useful than those of the Bratabase. You can browse the site by brandsize and type.
   The database is created by correctly fitted girls, with insightful comments about the fit and cut of the bras. When the bra doesn´t fit right, the reason is explained (wrong size, cut or simply an incompatible model). Every bra is analysed, and there is no such thing as a bad bra, there is only the incompatible bra.

This is what you get in a typical bra store:
a slouched, photoshopped model with distracting hair (not to mention the too small cups which misleadingly make the bra appear to be a push-up...)

This is what you get at the Balkonetka Bra Catalog: 
not so picture-perfect, but way more useful to the buyer.

You also get to see the same bra model in different colours and sizes:

Panache Superbra Ariza in 28DD and 75J

    The downside for you guys is that the site is in Polish, and Google translation gives a funny potpourri of normal and weird sentences. The good side is that you still get a lot of useful information on the bra models. You see what are the measurements and even the height of the owner, the stretchiness of the band (translated as "Elongation circuit", sheesh Google !) at rest and when stretched. Some of the comments are readable.


Balkonetka Catalogue photos are now displayed only to logged-in users. However, it takes just seconds to register, with the help of Google Translate. It´s totally worth it, I promise !

I recommend the you take a look at the Catalogue, if only for the photos. Hopefully it will keep growing as fast as it´s growing now !


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