Transformer Clothes That Maximise Your Travel Wardrobe

Did you know that a lot of your clothes can be worn as something completely different ? Like, a shirt can be worn as a skirt ? Harem pants as a playsuit ? No ?

This is a fantastic way to really extend your travel clothes, while being creative

Here is some inspiration (click pics for links):

Thought you can wear a bandeau top can be worn as a skirt ? Actually you can do with it almost all that they do here with a circle scarf. Ok, maybe not the stuff in the bottom row, because the original circle scarf is pretty big.

The lady above made her circle scarf out of a pillowcase, and wore it in a number of creative ways. I It´s a No Sew project ! Just cut and wear, and morph from turbaned Hippy to ninja.
You could also cut out armholes, like this lady...

The shirt skirt... two different ways (click on photos). When you´re fed up of your own stuff, steal your bloke´s shirt !

This site has lots of ideas to wear their wrap skirts and tops. I´m guessing that you could replicate most of the looks with the warp skirt and cardigan in your closet. Extra points if the skirt is reversible !
You can´t see much in the pics, but you can order their instructional CD for 5$. 

You don´t need a magic skirt, if you´ve got a wrap skirt ! You can download the PDF with the instructions for free here

Several unexpected ways to wear harem pants... like a jumpsuit or bubble skirt !

Creative ways to wear long skirts

A Very Easy Way to make a convertible top (it´s really ridiculously easy !)

A shirt as a scarf:

And this girl is the guru when it comes to multi-tasking clothes. Top as skirt, top as scarf, upside down top... wow !

So next time you´re packing, think about which items in your suitcase can play different roles ! I´d be geeky enough to print out the above pics and pack them with me, but maybe I should practice beforehand.

Have you ever worn something as something else ? Do you use this tactic when packing ? Do you have any links with more ideas ? Do tell !

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