Bra straps slipping off ? It's might be the fault of the band.

Some time back I got a mail about the problem of bra straps that continually slip off the shoulder. Not only this is uncomfortable, there are plenty occasions and places where bra straps can look immodest or unprofessional.
Half the time it is the wrong bra size that´s causing the slipping straps. When the band is too loose, it rides up at the back. This releases the tension that used to be in the straps,now the straps are too loose and they slip off the shoulders. When this happens, the woman usually tightens the bra straps. Then the bra straps pull the band, making it ride up even more at the back !
   A snug bra band will stay in place and not move up the slightest bit. It will keep the straps in the place where they´re supposed to be. So before you look for bra strap holders, check whether the band is too loose.

Solutions to bra strap problems:

* Check if you´re wearing the right size. 
   Please start here. Pull the band away from your chest. If you can fit 2 fingers inside, the band is ok. If you can fit a whole palm inside, it´s too loose. Check your size with this calculator. For questions & concerns about snug bands, read Do you wear panties that are wider than your hips ?
* Check the bra strap placement
   If you´re wearing the right size and the straps are slipping off because you have narrow and / or sloping shoulders, you need to look for bras that have the straps closer together.  Balconettes usually have the bra straps very far apart (though you might find some with the straps attached to the center of the cups); full cups have them spaced closer together. Half-cups fall somewhere in the middle, with the strap spacing varying from model to model.
* Check bra strap length
   Some bras have straps that can´t be regulated much. This is a problem for petites and women with breasts very high on the ribcage. If this is the case, always check the straps before you buy (and remember, they stretch a bit after washing). If you know the basics of sewing, it´s not hard to adjust them.
* Get a bra strap holder
   These little things pull the straps together at the back. If you can´t find them anywhere near you, try online (also Ebay). I´m guessing it´s not hard to DIY this. The reason this tip is on the bottom is that half of the slipping straps problems are solved simply by getting the correct size, so don´t ignore the part where I talk about the bra band ! Secondly I don´t know how comfortable the bra strap holders are for everyday wear, and besides that they would make the bra straps very visible under anything with a scooped back or spaghetti straps. 

Photo via stupidsht, diagram by me    

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