Herbal Hair Rinse Recipes

After shampooing and before conditioning (this means flax seed for me) I like to treat my hair to a rinse. Hair rinses get rid of any shampoo residue, restore the pH level of the hair, soften and condition it and help with hair problems. Some can also lightly colour the hair.

What you need:
* Herbs: See lower down for the list. You can use herbs for cooking, or herbal teas, as long as there are absolutely no additives (check the labels !). I´m lucky enough to have my own herbs in my garden.

* Water, preferably distilled or spring water, (or at least water that has been boiledd). Tap water is often to hard,andmay have unwanted chemicals or minerals in it.

* Organic (!) cider vinegar or lemon juice, that restores the pH of the hair to slighty alkaline.

The basic method:

This is just like making Tisane.

* Steep 2 Tbs of dry herbs / 4 Tbs of fresh herbs / 2 herbal tea bags in 1 cup of water .
* Add 3 cups of cool water
* Add 1 Tbs of organic (!) cider vinegar or lemon juice

How to use

I use them as the last rinse after shampooing, I don´t wash it out, though some people prefer to if they´ve added the vinegar. You can catch the rinse in a bowl, and pour it over the hair again.
If you want to cut down on your shampooing, you can try washing your hair with just water ever other day, and following with a rinse.

How to store 

I like to prepare bigger quantities of my herb rinses, and store them in the fridge. The rinse can absorb odors of strong smelling food like spices or garlic, so it´s a good idea to store it in a airtight container. If your rinse looks or smells funky, throw it away !

Which herbs to use:

I advise trying just one herb in the beginning, so that you can find what works with your hair and what doesn´t. Later on you can start combining.
Dandruff: Catnip, Birch Bark, Nettle, Peppermint, and White Willow Bark, chamomile, thyme, sage. Combine with vinegar !
Oily: astringent herbs: peppermint, thyme, lemongrass, peppermint, Quassia chips, rosemary, and White Willow Bark, watercress, elder flowers, lavender
Dry hair & scalp: demulcent herbs: Horsetail, comfrey leaf or root, slippery elm, Elder flower, Clover,  chamomile
Body & shine: nasturtiums, parsley, rosemary (brunettes), stinging nettles
Hair growth: birch leaves, stinging nettles, rosemary.

To tint the hair: 
These herbs won´t colour the hair, they will just make the colour more intense (or lighter, in the case of blondes & grey hair).
For Brunettes: Sage, Rosemary
For Blondes: Chamomile, Calendula, Great Mullein (Candlewick), Dandelion flowers (1 cup), saffron (1 pinch of powder), White oak bark, mangold petals
For Redheads: Hibiscus Rinse, Red clover
Grey hair: elderflower

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