Organising accessories from small electronics

Mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras and the like come with extra little cables and parts, and we often buy extra memory cards and earphones and store the old ones. These are rarely used and so I kept them mine in the original boxes that these electronics came in. Till I realised that they took up way too much space.
Enter ziploc bags, which, as you know, are a divine gift to humanity. Every electronic item owns it´s own ziploc of accessories. All the bags fit into a plastic box which is actually smaller than the box the camera came in (the camera now lives in one of these ziploc bags, waiting for the day my toddler will be big enough to use it not smash it). 

I can easily see what´s in each bag.

Every bag is labeled, so that a glance is enough to know what´s in it. The whole little box lives in the electronics cupboard.

I got this idea from somewhere on the internet, but I love it so much that I had to pass it on. Ok, I found the source. I´m also wondering which of the stuff it´s ok to throw away... 

Another thing organised. It´s a good feeling.

Would you try this ? Which accessories do you keep, and which do you trash ? How do you store the ones you keep ?

Photos by Eternal*Voyageur  

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