iphones break out of the Bra Matrix

Bra-Fitter on iPhone

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when in a bra store, unable to remember what it means when the band is riding up ? Ever wished you had the bra size calculator and converter on you at all times ? If you have an iPhone, you can. The Bra Fitter App is bra fitting wisdom in a (red) pill.

    Made by Kasica of Stanikomania, the app is of course based on the doctrine of snug supportive bands. And your breasts will never be out of range, since the app isn´t just limited to 75A-80D.

    The Bra-Fitter iPhone App shows you how to measure yourself correctly, shows the most probable size plus a couple more you should try. These measurements can be translated intomost of the world´s sizing systems. It also gives tips on how a well-fitted bra should lie on you.

For those of you with iPhone, I´d love to know how you liked the Bra Fitter !

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