Bralettes: pretty, but not an alternative to a bra.

This is a long-overdue question form reader Zoe: What do I think of Bralettes ?

   Bralettes are something between a bra and a crop top. They can look either like a soft bra, (but the cup is made of a single piece of fabric), or like a camisole cropped just below the bust.
   A lot of small busted girls see Bralettes as an escape from uncomfortable and ill-fitting bras. However, if your bra is uncomfortable, you´re wearing the wrong size. Bralettes seem to fit all breasts because the cups are usually made of a single piece of fabric, which is usually stretchy. Bra cups are constructed from several pieces of non-stretchy fabric. However, this makes the bralettes unable to give any support or shape to breasts, as is proven be the fact that a bigger-chested woman would find them uncomofrtable. 
   Even small breasts need support. And I guess that wearing bralettes instead of bras would give similar results as wearing tank tops: breasts that are kinda all-over-the place, more on the sides than in the front. And the shape will be not as flattering as in a well-fitted underwired bra, especially if worn under clothes (as opposed to using them as your internet surfing & blogging outfit).
   If you´ve been wearing a Bralette because you have issues with bras, there is a whole load of info on this blog, including how to find your correct size, and where to find small cups and bands. (I´ve updated the 2nd link with more info !)

    That said, Bralettes can be fantastic as sleep wear, lounge-rie, or ummm bedroom sports wear. There are looots of versions & styles, from retro glamourous to chic & sporty.

The photo on the top is the Agnes Silk and Velvet Ribbon Bralette from Hopeless on Etsy. Pricey but yum.

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