Best Bras To Deal With Armpit Rolls & Double Boobs

 armpit rolls are migrated breast tissue   breast tissue migrated to the back

I´ve talked about how armpit rolls and back fat is actually migrated breast tissueGathering all the tissue back into a correctly fitted bra gets the tissue back to the breasts. However, certain bra models help the whole process.

   The best bras for quickly getting the migrated tissue back are ones that come up high at the armpits. A good example is the Panache Tango Plunge. As you can see on this photo, the underwire is long, meaning it goes high up the armpit. The long underwires along with the snug band will keep the breast tissue from escaping again. These photos show another comparison. (Most plunge bras go up high under the armpit).
   Also, migration bras must be soft. Padded bras force mould the breasts into their own shape.

Some good bras to help with migration:

Freya (narrow underwires): Polyanna, Antoinette, Rio, Arabella and Eleanor 
Panache (broad underwires): Sienna, Harmony, Fiesta, Tango
Curvy Kate: Emily, and probably the rest of them too.

Tips for dealing with armpit rolls:

  • Store catalogue photos may not be an accurate guide to whether a bra goes up high below the armpits. Tall models have much longer ribcages than us mere mortals, so bras tend to look smaller and less built-upon them. The Balkonetka catalogue might help with its real-life photos. When buying from Ebay, the sellers always provide the length and width of the underwire on request.
  • Petites might find highly-buit-up bras uncomfortable (the long underwired poke into the armpit). They might find regular underwire length enough. Check out Petite Seeks Bras To Fight Underarm Bulges.
  • After the migrated tissue moves back in, you´l probably go up a cup size. Moral: don´t spend a lot of money on your first bras, and don´t buy too many of them. Just two are enough for the first month, after that you need to measure yourself again.
  • This won´t work if you aren´t wearing the right size !

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