The Collagen Myth

Collagen is one of the most over-marketed cosmetic scams. And an expensive one as well.

Myth: Collagen is the new wonder-ingredient, which does everything from removing wrinkles to mood lift.

Fact: Collagen only works like a moisturiser.

  As collagen is a protein with a very complex string, it cannot be absorbed by the skin. The skin is simply not able to transport such a large particle.
Collagen only works on the skin surface. It attracts moisture, and then it swells up. This makes wrinkles less apparent and makes the skin more elastic. But this effect is only temporary, since the collagen cannot get through the skin !
  So it's function is limited to the skin surface where it works as a good moisturiser. It works as anti-wrinkle only as much as any other good moisturiser. 

And you can get other moisturisers much cheaper.

   It's a better idea to invest in stuff that stimulates collagen production (like. vit. C, retinoids, vit. B3, proline) or something that protects collagen tissues (sun blocks, flavonoids, etc)


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