My little luxury: handmade soap

I love being at the soap stands at fairs: it looks like a cake and candy stand with huge chunks of delicious looking soap. I love to pick up the soaps and smell them, trying to decide whether I want the Peppermint-Hemp or the Lavender-Rose. Or maybe a Beer bar and a creamy white Sheep Milk bar ?
I love the pretty colourful ones that look good enough to eat, just as much as I like the texturised organic looking ones and the minimalistic creamy white ones. So I usually end up getting a small bit of everything.

    When I tried handmade soap, both me and my guy decided we never want to use regular soap again (yes, we are spoiled rotten ;-) ). These soap bars smell sooo good, look yummy and are so very creamy. Also, they hold shape and still look pretty when they are almost used up, unlike conventional soaps that either dissolve into a sludgy mess or develop weird crack lines (either way you start hating them and wish they would get finished soon so you can get a new one).

    I buy handmade soap on fairs and sometimes on Ebay, but Etsy is probably the best place to find handmade soaps. Just remember that handmade doesn´t equal natural *cough* *Lush* *cough*, so do look closely at the ingredients label. The soaps should be based on oils, contain no SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), and should contain only natural dyes and essential oils. You can also find handmade soap that is formulated for people with allergies and skin problems, as well as vegan soap bars.

     I love to put the leftovers into my wardrobe, since they hold heir scent for a long time.

Do you like handmade soap ? Ever tried eating it as a kid ?

Photo by Eternal*Voyageur  

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