Undercover Bra Hunting In Lisbon -- part 2 (Guest Post)

As an experiment, a bra fitter and her friend go undercover and surrender themselves to the mercy and dubious expertise of Lisbon bra fitters. The hilarious / tragic results (depending on your sense of humour) have been photographically documented for your entertainment and education. The post originally appeared on Bra Fitting Cidade.

Ok, the second phase, we give back the bras that we just tried on, saying that the cups were too small and the band too loose (that’s only M., the bands of  mine were quite acceptable). We get: another Felina 75H for M. and Chantelle 70F and Triumph minimizer 75F for me. 75H is for a person who measures 102 cm around bust so as you can imagine its cups are drastically too small for M. . 70F is for 93cm around bust so it means it will be too small for me either. A 75F is for 98cm around breast so actually its the cups are not that small, but the underband is very stretchy and I loose all the support I had in a 70.  Not to mention the fact that a minimizer simply flattens breasts and gives them a peculiar shape that is not really nice at all.
On both photos: M. in Felina 75H
M in felina 34H profilebromba in felina 34H front
   If you look carefully you’ll notice the bulging over the cups and under her armpits even on the left  photograph, the right one shows these bulges clearly …

All 3 photos: me in Chantelle 70F
me in chantalle 32F close up
me in another chantalle 32f front me in another chantalle 32f profile

Me in Triumph minimizer 75F:
me in minimizer triumph 34F
me in min triumph 34F front me in Triumph34F min profile

   Again, do we really look ok in these?
   We give back the bras with our comments and we are told that there are no bigger cups that come with a 70 underband, the same for M. – there’s nothing bigger with 75 underband. And the point is: if this shop assistant actually knew the size charts of these brands she should know from the very beginning that we would not find anything to fit us correctly. I suppose she thought: “I’ll give them what I have, maybe it will fit maybe it won’t, I hope they will buy something”…
...to be continued

She reveals her real bra size in the last segment of this series, till then -- can you guess it ?

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