Undercover Bra Hunting In Lisbon -- part 4 (Guest Post)

As an experiment, a bra fitter and her friend go undercover and surrender themselves to the mercy and dubious expertise of Lisbon bra fitters. The hilarious / tragic results (depending on your sense of humour) have been photographically documented for your entertainment and education. The post originally appeared on Bra Fitting Cidade.

Then I “haunt” DIM…
I ask for a bra for 72/101 (as usual) and I get 85C …. Just look, my boobs support this bra, the bra doesn’t do anything but covers them….
I assure you, the photo on the right doesn’t show my ass, although this bra is so wide I could easily fasten it around my hips ;)
Then 75E….. You clearly see, it doesn’t fit me….

And 80D…
   What I did on the second photo is done on purpose – to show that if I shorten a strap there my boob will try to escape down under the wire of the bra…
   What was very sad, is the fact, that when I was going out the shop was full of customers trying on and buying, most of them looked just like me…
   After that I see a shop with French lingerie (how exclusive…)
   I get 80DD (too small cups, too loose band, 90E – too loose band, I can almost wrap it around me twice), 75E (too small cups, too wide band).  I show the shop assistant that the underwires at the front should touch the sternum, then I get 75G  where the cup is almost ok but the band is really too loose. Again I tell the lady that it’s not tight enough and rides up, but the cups are actually ok…What I get is another 75, the same model with a smaller cup. I don’t even try on other bras that I got there – 80E and 80F, I just know they will have too small cups and too wide bands.  You can imagine what they looked like….
   To sum it up – these Lisbon lingerie stores didn’t prove to be an exception. You can’t really expect professional advice  there. They will only stuff you into something that is too wide and unsupportive with too small cups making lumps out of your boobs.   Now I can partly understand why virtually no woman on the street wears a correct bra size, irrespective of age, weight and breast size. What I can’t understand is why you haven’t rebeled yet against this situation. Incorrectly fitted bras affect your figures even when they are hidden under your clothes. You could see these differences on photographs from the first shopping centre. For more differences like these, read Stanikomania. There are several articles there showing the changes in figure when you start wearing a well fitted bra. And you can undergo such a change too… Ladies,  it’s time to express your dissatisfaction – don’t let them sell you things like that.

  Do you know what size I actually wear? 
As I said in the introduction, it used to be 75DD (more than a year ago) but on the photo here I wear 30(65)GG – this is a British size corresponding to continental 65K or 65L. M. wears a 34(75)K – a British size, its continental equivalent is 75R… Ladies, such sizes do exist and it is possible to buy them. There are more than 100 of them , with bands starting at 28(60) and cups from AA to K (British sizes). However, most  shops unfortunately carry only 30-40% of what should be available to you:(  Why not look for some other shops then? Check out: http://stanikowamapa.prv.pl/  – this is a map showing locations (and contacts to) lingerie shops carrying all sizes and what’s more important, being able to provide you with professional brafitting. You can ask here – “why are all these shops in UK and in Poland”? Well, as I already said, UK is a bra paradise. As far as Poland is concerned, you can thank Lobby of Big-boobed women for the quite high number of good lingerie shops there. Though, if you don’t like travelling to do your shopping, a lot of these shops sell online.

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