DIY: Sugar Scalp Scrub

    This is an easy, cheap and  effective beauty DIY for those who have a lot of scalp buildup.

Mix 2 tbs of sugar with a spoon or more of conditioner. Apply to different sections of your wet scalp. Scrub the scalp with it, using your fingertips. Rinse out.
I do this once a week or so when I´m co-washing. If you want to shampoo afterwards, I suggest using something Sulfate and Paraben free, as the skin is thinner and more delicate after the scrub.

Why sugar ?
    It´ s gentler than scratching with your fingernails. The sugar gradually dissolves and looses it´ s sharpness, preventing you from over-scrubbing. It rinses out easily.
      Any type of sugar is fine, so long as it is not very fine or really coarse. I use organic brown cane sugar, because that´s what I have in my kitchen.

Why conditioner ?
      For the slip. I guess you could use shampoo too if you a gentle one. You could also try yoghurt.

Over to you. I´m sure that sugar is not the only scalp scrub out there (apart from the infamous baking soda). Have you tried others ? Do share.


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