Ewa Michalak Bras, Now In English

     Ewa Michalak has finally launched the English version of their bra store. There are still small things to be smoothed out: for example the prices are still only in zl. But I see the site evolving from week to week, so soon everything should be working perfectly.

     I have blogged about this brand before -- it is exceptional because it is made by a woman, who experimented around with bra fitting and sent her bras to many women to test, before she decided open and impromptou store. She understands that you cannot use the same pattern for bigger and small sizes (just scaled to size) -- the construction of a big-cup has to be designed separately from a small cup of the same model (her famous double vertical cut).
   Ewa Michalak bras go up to UK LL cup, and the (very snug) bands start at 28.
   The bras are comparatively inexpensive (starting at 38$), and worldwide shipping is 11$.

    BraFittingCidade has written this about Ewa Michalak´s bras and story.

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