All Money Is For Spending, Aka A Budgeting Epiphany

Kind of appropriate for this blog, don't you think ?  ;) 

    I recently realised why it was so hard for me to save. It's the concept that our money should be divided into "to spend" and "to save". Spending means exchanging the money for things that we need and make us happy. Saving means keeping, holding. It also means denying oneself of the joys of spending it. A hungry piggybank or bank account swallows it all up.

    But in reality there is no such thing as saving. All money will be spent, sooner or later. When we "save" money, we are simply deciding to spend it as a later date (or to give it to someone).

   "Later" spending is often more meaningful than a lot of the now spending. It either provides for future emergencies, or fulfills longterm dreams. "Now" spending (I'm talking about the ones after necessities like rent, food and medical bills have been paid) is impulse oriented. Or rather advertising-controlled.
    We get pulled in two directions: spending the money now, or later. "Later" spending is usually more planned, and dream oriented. Like that house you'd like to own, or that holiday you'd like to take. Or even that fabulous dress you're saving for. Immediate spending ? That coffee calling to you on a cold day. That latest "must-have". A gadget that "might" be useful. They make us feel good for a moment, but often leave us empty. I read a study somewhere that we make better decisions when we decide for the future, as compared to decisions for the present. Makes sense, doesn't it ?
    I'd say that a lot of "later" spending is more "you". Do you ever dream, thinking "If I had more money, I would..." Yet chances are that you already have some of the money for these things, you are just choosing to spend it on something else.

     Before your next purchase, take a moment to think about your long-term dreams and wishes. You can spend 50€ on that dress (now) or on that trip to Rome (later). You will spend every cent you have, sooner or later. So it's up to you to decide where you want to spend it. If you do buy that dress, don't complain that you can't afford Rome. You just chose not to.

     There is no bank account or piggy bank swallowing up all that money you deny yourself the pleasure of spending. It is all yours, a treat waiting for the right moment. Like that chocolate cherry on the cake that you are saving for the last bite.

   Does spending come easy to you ? Do you squirrel away your savings into a bank account or a piggy bank ? Do you ever have the feeling that companies are conspiring to make you spend your money as fast as possible on trifles ? Have you ever kept money in your bra ?

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