Things to love about spring

* Cherry blossom "snow".

* Bikinis in stores, even though you´re still in your sweaters.

* Sitting on the grass the first time in the year.

* Shorts with boots.

* The sun waking up before you.

* The scent of Hyacinths on the windowsill.

* The first ice-cream of the year. Mmmmm.

* Finding the ants have woken up. And moved back into your balcony.

* The first time you go out without a jacket.

* Pollen and runny noses.

* Chocolate eggs.

* Dandelions. Pouf !

* Freezing in sandals, but not really regretting it.

* Your favourite bloggers writing about fashion week.

* Enjoying the sun while it´s not yet too hot.

* The slight nostalgia of the last snow-fall.

* Getting your bike in order.

* Packing away winter coat, then being at loss about what to wear when temperatures drop again.

* Butterflies.

* Getting Easter freebies in stores.

* Spotting flocks of geese flying back home.

* Getting guilted into spring-cleaning.

* Making plans to get into shape till summer.

* Being annoyed at the noise your neighbor´s lawnmower makes.

* Melted snow uncovering stuff you lost last autumn.

* Wearing sunshades even though the sun is mild.

* Strawberries, strawberry cakes, strawberry muffins, strawberry pie, strawberry smoothies.

* People in advertisements wearing summer clothes.

* Catching yourself humming "Here comes the sun".

* Making plans for summer.


     What does spring mean for you ?
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