Bras I'm Loving Right Now

Actually lust would be a better word.

Masquerade Antoinette from Panache. Till G cup. I adore bandeau bras.

Masquerade Tiffany from Panache. Till G cup. Did I mention that I like bandeaus ?
Clara Bow by Discover Mademoiselle. Not available anymore in stores, I grabbed it off Ebay UK., and it´s even more gorgeous in real life. Especially the rusched straps. Also, wonderful lift.

White Tulip bra by Discover Mademoiselle. Again, not manufactured anymore, and I don´t expect I can this down anymore.

Granatowy Motyl by Ewa Michalak, till cup HH

Freya Matisse, till G cup. Isn´t is cute ?

Only till DD cup, but in several gorgeous colours.


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