Help Me, How Many Swimsuits Are Too Much ?

Help Me, How Many Swimsuits Are Too Much ?

     While doing research for the last few swimwear posts I have started coveting almost everything I saw. I am getting the Freya Carousel for sure, but several other bikinis have been tempting me: Freya Vodkatini or Supernova, Freya Mai Tai, Freya Shirley Temple, Freya Soda Appletease, and a nice triangle like maybe Panache Geneva. And don't get me started on the one piece. And did I mention that I want need a monokini ? My mouse hand has often hovered over the "buy" button, but I haven't clicked it yet. I ask myself: how much swimwear does a girl really need ?

   The most swimwear I have owned at one time was three one-pieces and one bikini, as a teenager. I practically lived on the beach a couple of weeks every year, so choosing which one to put on in the morning was quite a decision. Today I swim much less: in the summer I go to a lake that is 10 mins from where I live, maybe a couple of times. I don't actually swim much (I discovered that I only like swimming in salt water). I do a lot of reading and lounging, splash with the kids and of course hoop. In the winter months I'll go to the swimming pool like twice. Ok, after writing that I feel like all this doesn't justify anything more than two swimsuits...

    But most women do own more than one bathing suit, right ? Maybe one that is cuter and sexier and another one that is more modest. Or maybe one for real swimming and another for lounging and sunning. Or one black and one coloured. Or maybe people are smarter than that and buy a bunch of different tops and bottoms to mix'n'match.

    So how many swimsuits do you guys have ? How do you decide how many you need ? Are they a fashion statement for you (like a cute outfit) or just a necessity that you don't give much thought to ? Or maybe instead of the swimsuits you girls focus on other stuff, like sun dresses, hats or actually swimming ?

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