Panties And Bras: To Match Or Not To Match ?

    There are several schools of matching, ranging from "What ? There are people that actually don´t buy the matching undies ?" (friend) to "Why the hell are knickers and bra supposed to match ?" (my guy). Here are some approaches to the undies + bra question:

Matching Sets:

    This look is classic and polished and doesn´t require much thinking. Most bra sellers offer matching panties, often in several styles. (But then, I imagine there is some laundry planning involved -- since most of us wear bras several times between washings). The downside: expense. While I can justify paying 35€ for a quality, well-made bra; I think 18€ for matching undies is pretty steep. (Not only is the panty quite simply constructed as compared to a bra, it also comes in much fewer sizes, making it more profitable to sell).

DIY Sets:

   For those that like the matched look but don´t want to shell out the money, you can create your own sets with coordinating undies from a cheaper store. For example these from H&M would match Arabella Sorbet. I found that this works best if your bra is in the trendy colour of the moment.
    Sometimes you might be lucky and get an almost exact match, but most of the time some details will be mismatched, or the colours won´t be exact. And you will need to invest a bit of time.

Black goes with everything:

   A simple pair of black undies looks good with any bra. This unfussy approach saves time as well as money, and you don´t have to rummage around for the matching knickers that have rolled themselves up in the corner of the drawer anymore. I personally like the 3-pack undies from H&M (they come in organic cotton as well as microfibre).

Matching undies to your bottom

    Your outfit bottom, that is. I just read about this online, so I´m not sure how it works. Obviously if I was wearing a white top and a black skirt I would wear a nude bra and black undies. But do women wear blue undies under a blue skirt ? Or do they just stick with black and nude ? (FYI you should wear nude under white, and not white.)


    I´m sure that many ladies don´t bother matching their underpinnings at all. And technically, there is no need to match your panties to your bra unless you like it that way. A mix & match approach can look fun and fashion-forward: yellow hot pants with a blue bra ? A silver slip with black plunge ? Denim bra + white panties with eyelets and cotton lace ? The options are unlimited !

    Personally I wear black undies with a bra until I find an unexpensive matching bottom. Reason ? I´m cheap.

    So tell me, on which team are you ? What is the reasoning behind your strategy ? 


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