Measuring for Pendulous Breasts and Migrated Breast Tissue

Toffik by Ewa Michalak

    Measuring in the fullest part of the bust can be complicated if you have pendulous breasts. Also, it doesn´t take into account migrated breast tissue -- often the cups sit perfectly but once you have gathered in your armpit rolls everything bulges out. In this case I recommend the hanging measurement.

How to hang-measure:
   Take off your bra. Bend over as if you were trying to touch your toes. Now loosely measure around the widest point of the breasts, avoiding the nipples.

Interpreting the measurement
    Compare this measurement with your breast measurement while standing upright (measure with and without a bra and use whichever measurement is bigger). If the difference is more than 10 cm, it means that you need to pick a measurement halfway between the two. So say you get 90cm when standing upright and 104 when bending forward, you need to write 97cm into the calculator to get the right cup size.
    If the difference is less than 10 cm, you don´t need to do that.

   The calculator on the Ewa Michalak website asks only for the measurement when bending over. When a friend got her first bra from there, she tried it on and the cups were a tad too big. I looked at her and said: looks like you need to gather in. So she gathered the migrated tissue and when she straightened up the cups fit perfectly. Neither of us had realised that she still had migrated tissue.

      What do you think of this method ? Do you find it difficult to measure around the nipples ? Do you hate cold tape-measure ? Isn´t it beautiful how well-fitted the girl on the photo is ?

Photo via Ewa Michalak


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