Perfect Ways To Spend A Saturday Morning

woody allen suicide

Tried and tested by yours truly.

* Look up virtualtourist / lonely planet / google maps for a cafe you don´t know but sounds nice. Dress up and eat breakfast there.

* Sleep late, then stay in bed cuddling.

* Wake up at sunrise and do the Suryanamaskar.

* Eat cake for breakfast, or deliciously decadent pastries.

* Go to a flea market and find some treasures. Some flea markets near where I live sell delicious home-made cake, so you´ve got the previous point covered as well.

* Play dress-up with your wardrobe. Pretend you are a movie / book character (Morgana Le Fay ? Jack Sparrow ? Kaurvaki ? Uschi Obermaier ?) trying to get dressed. Don´t forget the makeup; photos of the end results are optional !

* Plan an elaborate home-made lunch. I recommend Dampfnudel with pudding, which is easy to make but takes a lot of time (for the yeast to rise).

* Put on your sports gear and get moving: try something you haven´t done yet, be it Nordic walking or in-line skating.

* Go out and pick some fresh herbs: from your garden / balcony pots / forest. Whether you choose to cook them or drink them as teas is up to you.


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