Wanna Sell A Bra On Venusian*Bazaar ?

Venusian*Bazaar now open for you to sell !

    The Venusian*Bazaar is going pretty well, with bras slowly but steadily finding new homes. The thing is, I will probably not be changing my size any time soon, and after many lessons learned I rarely buy bras that end up not fitting me. That means there will not be much new stuff on Venusian*Bazaar -- unless you guys decide otherwise! I am thinking to open up the Bazaar for you guys to sell as well. This will be a place to find bargains, and to exchange your non-fitting bras for cash.

     Interested ? Have a bra to sell ?

     Here is what I am looking for:
* Bras that are new / worn but in good condition.
* Low prices (you may have bought the bra for 50€, but reselling it for that price, even brand new, is very very hard).
* "Unusual" sizes only --  no 34Bs please, you can buy that size in every corner store.

    Please send me  at eternalvoyageur>gmail>com
* The details of the bras (please copy the Bazaar Posts !!! That means: brand and model name, size, comments regarding fit etc. Please give as much details as possible)
* At least one good photo of the bra
* Your nickname
* Your email
* Country/city where you are shipping from
* Price and shipping costs

   PS It would be great if you have a paypal account, otherwise paying could get complicated. Also I reserve the right to not put up a bra on the Bazaar if the information sent is incomplete.

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