What Makes For A Pleasant Bra Fitting Experience?

    To be frank, I don't have much experience with bra saleswomen. Luckily, the only two ladies that fit me happened to be very professional and friendly. But I know that many women have had embarrassing momenty with unprofessional saleswomen. Some of these experiences can be enough to put a girl off brafitters for life.

     So what makes for a good bra fitting experience ? I mean apart from good knowledge of bra fitting. I'm talking tact, sensitivity and making the experience as pleasant as possible. Although lingerie is supposed to be such a sensual and luxurious thing, buying some can sometimes be only slightly less uncomfortable than a visit to a gyn.

In my opinion these are some of the things a bra sales girl should do: 

  • Ask before entering the changing room. Most ladies prefer to change bras in privacy, allowing the fitting lady to take a peek only when the bra is on.
  • Ask before touching. Preferably the fitter should give the client instructions so that the client can first adjust the bra herself. If that doesn't work, the fitter should ask "may I?" before touching. Some women really dislike being touched by strangers, and even yoga teachers know better than to correct a pose without asking for permission first.
  • Poker face please. The sales lady shouldn't bat an eyelid even if one of the client's breasts is green and both have dog paw marks tattooed on them (I didn't make the second part up).
  • Necessary comments about size and shape should be done in a non-judgemental, neutral way. Preferably with the most neutral words possible. Ok, I know that I used the term "not full on the top" on the blog sometimes (for clarity), but to real women I prefer to say "tear-shaped breasts". 
  • Listen to the client, and not make assumptions about their wishes and tastes. A small busted lady may not want a push-up, a 65-year-old might want something sexy.
  • Don't push them into a purchase. Convincing the client to buy something she doesn't feels so good about once she gets home is a sure-fire way of getting her to never come back.
  • Give them tips. Explaining the client why one model sits on her like a dream while another very similar one gapes makes the client feel empowered and as if she were getting insider tips for free.

   What else would you say is a no-no for bra saleswomen ? What was the worst (or best) experience you have had with one ? And, most importantly -- should a fitter force-fit a stubborn client in a very wrong bra size?

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