How To Make Kohl / Kajal Like A Boss

Remember that old post on DIY Kohl (kajal) ? Well, guess what. I got this mail in my inbox:

    I'm Sandra and I'm emailing from Canada. I've been reading your blog since about a year ago and I'm still loving it! My favourite posts are the DIY cosmetic ones. The first post of your's that I've read was the one about the Kohl eyeliner - I've been making it for about a year now. I've actually figured out a new way to make it, so I made a video which you may want to watch and perhaps put on your blog, if you wish :)

I watched the video and guess what, this method totally rocks. Here it is:

    I love that you get enough kohl to store in a little jar. For those of you who don't know, kajal / kohl is an eyeliner used in the middle east and south asia, known to humans since 3500 BC! It's much more than a cosmetic: it is supposed to have medicinal qualities and protect the eyes from the sun.
    Thanks so much, Sandra! It makes me so happy to see how you transformed my little DIY into an entirely new level!

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