Protecting Hair Ends With Oil

    The ends are usually the driest, most damaged part  of your hair. A great way give them a moisture boost and improve their appearance is with a tiny bit of oil. Just distribute a drop of oil between your palms  and lightly scrunch them into the ends (basically just squeeze them lightly in your palm). Voila, healthy tips!
    One drop should do the trick, any more and you'll have greasy ends. Jojoba oil works well if you want something light, cold-processed coconut oil is great if you need something more moisturising, bus basically you can try out any plant-based oil.
    The oils also protects the ends from getting split, as it lubricates them a bit. I like to apply the oil after washing and towel-drying, as I like the idea of sealing the moisture in; but you can also do it on dry hair.

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