What´s On My Cosmetic Shelf

My basic makeup routine

My makeup when I´ m feeling fancy

I love peeking at people´s cosmetics. So here is the deal: I´ll show you mine if you show me yours. (If anyone whom I know reads this, they will probably be laughing by now. The truth is, I´m not big on wearing makeup. And when I do, it´t usually very subtly done.)

Anyway, here is what is on my cosmetic shelf right now:

* Dr Hauschka´s Transculent Bronze Concentrate.
 This is my quick-fix. When you squirt it on your hand it looks like mud, and when you apply it on the face it gives subtle colour. It´s absolutely weightless and looks natural.

* Mineral Foundation from Lumiere
   Mineral makeup gives me that "naturally perfect" no-makeup look. I like Lumiere because it has a big range of shades, and in every shade you get to choose from four formulations (depending on how much cover you want). I am using medium-warm in Cashmere. I actually discovered my skin tone thanks to mineral makeup -- previously I was convinced my skin was cool because of the redness.

* Concealer from Lumiere
   I am still not very good at applying concealer, 

* Green and Yellow Correctors from Lumiere
   I use them under the foundation, and they cancel out the redness around my nose. I like that they are in powder form, for me that is easier to use than cream.

* Alverde Lipgloss
   I love it but don't use it very often as the castor oil dries my lips out.

* Clear Mascara
   I have been blessed in the eyelashes department, so I only use clear mascaras (besides, I hate the way mascara looks when not done right, and I hate removing it even more). I would skip it altogether, but mineral makeup and eyeshadow settles on my lashes so I use the clear mascara to get it off. I got the mascara from my contact lenses seller but after it´ s used up I plan to make my own with oils.

* Kohl pencil
   Since a lot of this ends up inside the eye, I only use organic. Right now it´s one from Alverde. This is probably the item on this list that I use the most.

* Bronzer
   I contour my face with it, so I need a natural looking one with no shimmer or anything.  Dr Hauschka´s was the first one that I loved, it seems to strike the perfect shade for my warm-toned skin and goes on very subtly. Now I have branched out to Lumiere's bronzers --- I love Ambrosia. 

* Blush
   Again Lumiere. I haven't bought any full-sized ones, I use the sample baggies and they last for ages. Normally I have a hard time picking blush, so I ordered the ones recommended on the Lumiere website based on the face base that matched me. I use just a couple, the rest are still sitting in a corner because I get overwhelmed if I have too many choices.

* Eye shadow
   I have several random ones glued together in a CD case. I would love to have a proper collection one day, but it´ s hard for me to find matte browns and beiges that look natural on my warm skin tone. Most of them are grayish and dirty looking.

* Base / finishing powder
    Again I am using samples from Lumiere. The base is good if I feel that my skin is slightly oily, or if I need my makeup to last longer than usual. If I applied too much blush or bronzer,  brushing on the powder at the end helps diffuse things.

* Brushes from Lumiere
   Inexpensive, very soft, great quality and vegan. I am surprised how a good brush makes using makeup so much easier for someone inexperienced. If you are curious about my brushes, I have presented them a couple of posts back.

* Water and cotton pad
   For the wet finishing method.

   What´s on your cosmetic shelf ? I want lists, photos, evidence!

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