When The Underwires Dig Into Your Sternum

How to fix poking underwires

I got asked this many times in comments and mails:
     Help, the ends of the underwires poke into my chest in the front. Is my ribcage weird? 

   I have this problem myself, and am guessing that the poking is because of the way the underwires bend themselves around my ribcage. I don't think my ribcage is very unusual, especially because lots of girls have the same problem. I think that underwire flexibility might play a role here too: hard but unstable underwires might bend in awkward ways.

   If you have a bra that massacres your sternum, simply bend away the ends of the underwire on the table. This simple fix always works for me. Of course you need to be careful and bend only a little. Another fix is sewing in a little dart. This works best for underwires that are far from each other.

    When buying new bras, I usually prefer underwires that are close together and short (low) in the front. Plunge models are best for this, but I go for halfcups and balconettes too and use the table top if necessary.

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