Gift Guide, Venusian*Glow Style

    If you are still at a loss what to get your loved ones, here are some ideas:

Something To Drink Out Of

   I am a huge fan of Sigg bottles --- I always have one with me to make sure I stay hydrated. I was pretty thrilled when Sigg bottles got the best marks on an Öko Test test --- not only the inner coat prevents aluminium from leaking into the water (unlike in many cheaper lookalikes), they are sturdy and don't leak. These bottles can hold water and other drinks (green smoothies, anyone?) and they come in lots of delightful colours and designs.

For the Geek

     Think Geek has everything for the geek in your life, ranging from the really cool to awesomely useful to WTF. From Star Wars Chop Sabers to the Caffeine Molecule Mug to the Steampunk Wrist Monocular to the Bag Organizer to the Pocket Microscope (I own something similar and it is totally cool). There is plenty of neat stuff for "normal" people too.

Something Beautiful

    higher-end natural cosmetics make a beautiful gift. Dr Hauschka cosmetics come in gift-sets with mini-sized products in a stylish tin box. If your friend is more of a crafty type, DIY cosmetic kits make a great gift, like these and these.

For the Rapunzel

* Seamless Bohn combs from Hairsense -- these seamless combs handcrafted from organic resin won't snag the hair follicles or cause split ends. I have two and I adore them.

Something To Wear

* A gift card to Ewa Michalak Lingerie --- gorgeous bras that won't break the bank, for busts of all sizes.

A Grand Gesture

    Sometimes what someone really needs is on big thing that will help them in their life instead of ten assorted trinkets. Like the cousin that just moved in a new apartment and is saving up for furniture. Why not band up with other friends / relatives and all chip in to buy them big, huge gift? Ideas: a trip, a fancy camera, a kitchen, a bicycle...

Something To Read

   First, search if they have an Amazon wish list. If they do, buy the books from somewhere else (Amazon deserves to be boycotted for cutting off Wikileaks.) May I suggest some titles? Man's Search For Meaning, The Happiness Project, Your Money Or Your Life, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, Anna Karenina, It Does Not Die were amazing reads. A magazine subscription is also an amazing gift.

More Than You Paid For

       Did you know that the buying price of a Groupon coupon remains a secret if you click on the "buy as gift" option? This means no one will ever know you paid 30€ for that 50€ restaurant coupon. Jut be sure to read the fine print before you buy -- every Groupon coupon has different terms and conditions. Get coupon for something luxurious like a spa visit, a restaurant, or even a trip.

Something Self-Made

   Got any special skills? Do you knit better than my grandma, bake or maybe do makeup? Your friends would adore it if you offer them something you make or Or admired one of your creations?
     Try one of the DIY cosmetic ideas I listed here.

A Gift Of Your Time

   This is perhaps the most precious gift of them all. Take a friend on a day trip. Gift a babysitting coupon for a mom (she will love you for ever, trust me).
   If you are really good at something, consider sharing your skills.

Online Memberships and Classes

    If you know what your friend is into, you could buy subscriptions for something they would find useful. A Flickr Pro account for someone experimenting with photography, a Mystic Medusa for the astrology freak, or one of the many online bootcamps and classes (research first to make sure you choose the best one). If you are listening, dear Santa, I want a SaFire online hooping class, please.

   And for everything else, there is Etsy, folksy, Dawanda and more.

Check these out: