Reader Question: Table For Floor Seating

I had this pop into my mailbox a while back:

 I read in one of your posts that you use a floor seating arrangement in your home, and I am interested in learning more about how to set one up. Pillows, and actual floor SEATS are easy to find online, but I have been having trouble with tables. If you use a table in your setup, where did you get it, or did you have it made? What height is it from the ground, and do you find it to be a good height?
I am very concerned about table height. I've been trying to research floor seating, especially what height a table ideally should be, and I've not found much of anything. 

Here is my reply:

 Hi there, first we used a random second hand coffee table which worked well for two adults but as the kids grew it became too small for a family meal. Then we bought an IKEA table and cut the legs -- it is the Bjursta table, the table top can be extended. The table is 46cm high, but I feel it is a mite to high and plan to cut it to around 10 cm lower. Our floor seating is 10 cm high --- take the height of yours into account before you cut the table. I'm not sure about what the ideal height should be, but I find that it has something to do with how much lower your elbows are when you sit from the table top. You can see what that distance is on your dining table and desk, and whether you find that comfortable. When in doubt, keep the table higher, it is always easier to cut more off or make the seating higher, that to deal with a table that is too low.

    Hope this helps you. I'd love to know how it turns out.

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