To All My Readers + Weekend Reads 31-11-2011

2012 is you year. Be amazing.

   Aaand its the end of 2011! Hope you had a great one and if not, next year is a new year! For me 2011 was a year of learning and healing. I dealt with old health and emotional issues, and feel strong and able to take on the new year. There is something so fresh and exciting about another year starting -- I can't wait !

   Before I give you the links to waste your weekend on, I want to thank all of you. For reading, for commenting and sharing. For all the lovely emails that still make my heart beat faster. Thanks a lot !!!!

   Now without further ado, go read these:

* Life: How to Stay Motivated When You Aren't In Your Dream Job

* Hilar: An Open Letter to People With No One to Kiss on New Year’s Eve had me in stitches.

* Skills: Learn Wine Etiquette for ultimate sophistication, and you might also want to know How to Pose for Photographs.

* Beauty: Looking for a hair care routine for the coming year? The Beauty Department has several for different hair types

* New Year:  Making resolutions and creating a 2012 Resolution Action Plan is smart, solid advice.

      Have a great New Years Eve!

   PS don't forget to enter the giveway!

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