Grape Seed Oil : Light And Moisturising For Hair And Skin

     I have been trying out grape seed oil since two months and am loving it. It is a very moisturising yet light (non-greasy) oil, rich in antioxidants, and it works well for the hair as well as the skin. I'm not too crazy about the smell, so I add a dash of essential oil (patchouli is my current favourite).

    I love the lightness of jojoba in the summer but needed something more moisturising for my dry skin in the winter. Grape seed oil does a good job at moisturising, at the same time being light enough to not cause any breakouts. It leaves my skin looking slightly "damp" and glowy but not oily or sticky. I've oil-cleansed with it a couple of times too. Overall I'm pretty satisfied, though I guess I might need something heavier when if the temperatures drop (global warming seems to have kidnapped the winter thus far).

   But where I really adore grape seed oil is on my hair. I use it before co-washing once or twice a week. Results: it leaves my hair shiny, soft and smooth. It's also light enough to not need any shampoo to wash it off (I wash my hair only with conditioner, as most of you know).

   If you want to try it out, I know that many food stores carry it -- just be sure to buy only cold-pressed grape seed oil. If it doesn't work for you as a cosmetic, you can also eat it -- it crazy healthy as long as you don't fry with it. 

    Have you every used grape seed oil, for moisturising or for eating? What oils do you think I should try out next?

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