Can Breast Tissue Migrate To The Sternum?

Division between breasts

    Can breast tissue migrate to the sternum, between the bust? I was pretty surprised that the answer is yes, it can.

    Wearing the wrong sized bras makes the breast tissue migrate not only to the armpits and the back, but also to the center of the chest. In badly fitted bras the underwires (not held in place by a snug band)  move around over the breast tissue and squash the breasts. The breast tissue (again not held in place by a sung band) escapes. The result looks like a bridge, connecting the breasts. You can clearly feel soft tissue between the breasts instead of the usual ribcage.

    A girl on the Lobby Biusciastych wrote about how her breasts had been "smeared" all over the rib cage by wrong sized bras (and that although she is small-busted). She didn't have a proper division between the breasts. After wearing her correct size for a while her breasts separated: a clear division between her boobs appeared. Previously plunge bras used to give her skin folds, now she gets a cleavage valley.

    Such a case is not very common, but it happens. Also, it should not be confused with the breast being close together: in this case there still is a clear division between the boobs.

    If you have migrated breast tissue on the sternum, it is a good idea to wear bras with a high center gore (long underwires), that will divide the breasts. In the beginning a cotton pad might help to protect the skin. It is important to find a model that doesn't cause pain. If it hurts, try a different brand or model. If you are new on this blog, you also need to break out of the Bra Matrix.

   This whole thing was pretty new for me, so I'd love to hear more about it. Do any of you have any experience with migration of breast tissue on the sternum?

Source: Lobby Biusciastych

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