Weekend Reads 21 Jan 2012

   Hiya everyone! How was your week? I survived the task of giving a presentation at my university -- in German. I wonder if anyone understood anything of what I said. On the bright side, I had time to wander the streets of Munich afterwards, watching people and shop windows. I've got a couple of concerts to choose from this weekend, can't wait!
    Now, for your viewing pleasure, here is a small collection of links:

* Busty: great resources for clothes for curvy ladies

* Marilyn Monroe: “What I Learned About the Icon by Folding Her Capri Pants” is pretty interesting and made me think.

* Photos: A biomechanical guide to posing is about a dancer's perspective on posing for the camera.

* Skin: acne before and after on a raw food diet. The entire discussion is pretty interesting!

* You: How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps) is fantastic, I especially love the little graphics.

* Flair: French Friday, 44 Teaches some important lessons on the power of... posture and table manners. Rebekah does a FF every week, in case you want more. Also, I love the ideas of having a name for your "better self" (inner french girl, in this case).

               Have a sweet weekend!

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