Flaky Winter Skin Update and Weleda Skin Food Review

Weleda Skin Food for dry skin

   It's winter again and as soon as the snow started falling I noticed flakes -- on my forehead and nose. In the last two years my skin seems to be dryer and it flakes when the temperatures block. This is most visible when I apply mineral makeup with a brush -- the powder collects on the skin. Exfoliating doesn't help much (only temporarily), and I realised my skin needs intensive moisture.
    Last winter I used Hauschka Med´s Intensive Ice Plant Cream, which I was pretty satisfied with. Except than in the coldest days I felt I could use something even richer. This winter when I noticed the flakes again I toyed with making a non-toxic version of Lush's Skin Drink (I even have the theory of it worked out) but I was too lazy to actually do it yet.
    I don't remember anymore which blog was it that raved about Weleda's Skin Food --- anyway I went out and bought some. I love Weleda stuff: they use ingredients grown bio-dynamically and their products are about as organic and high-quality as it gets and they are affordable. (Incidentally, the first Weleda product I used was an adorable little set of calendula baby oil and diaper cream that my midwife gave me).
    So, about the Weleda Skin Food: it's very rich and meant for dry skin. The consistency it a bit too thick and sticky, that makes it a bit hard to apply at first (later I learned that you are supposed to pat in on, not rub. Also you can mix it with a teeny amount of oil to make it glide on). But it felt like a nice protective layer against the cold outside air, and it doesn't look at all greasy. My skin stopped flaking and felt very moisturised. The downside is that it blocks my pores (it's probably the lanolin or the sweet almond oil) so I won't be using it on my face anymore, at least not around my nose.
    I still love it for my hands and decollette --- it's a face and body cream after all. It's also be perfect for spot treatment for very dry patches on the face, dry elbows, lips, around the eyes or for rough cuticles.
    So, about the blocked pores -- remember that different skins get blocked by different stuff, so there are no universally comodogenic ingredients out there. So if your skin is fine with lanolin and sweet almond oil, give this a test run. Many stores have small, sample-sized tubes.
    Many people attest that Weleda Skin Food helps with redness, irritation, and skin that is dry yet breask out.

INCI: Water (Aqua), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Lanolin, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Alcohol, Beeswax (Cera Flava), Glyceryl Linoleate, Hydrolyzed Beeswax, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Viola Tricolor Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Cholesterol, Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*, Citral*, Coumarin*. *from natural essential oils.

     Weleda's Skin Food doesn't smell very nice, but I didn't find it overpowering. I actually prefer my cosmetics not perfumed, I can always add my essential oils if I want to.
   A note about the packaging -- I have no idea why many reviewers are so annoyed with the aluminium tube: it actually helps the product to stay fresh longer without preservatives by not letting air inside (or your fingers) -- so it's pretty hygienic,  It may not win beauty award but it's not eye-searingly ugly wither. You just need to roll the tube up from the bottom as you use the product, to avoid creasing and breaking the tube. Hey, am I the only one who still remembers aluminium toothpaste tubes?
     This 75ml tube set me back for around 8,20€

     Just a disclaimer: this winter is a warm one, with temperatures hovering around 0 zero most of the time, so it's possible that my skin isn't in full-flake mode yet. Also, another thing I did is I changed my cleansing oil to a richer one -- I don't add castor oil at all since it's slightly drying, and cleanse my face with pure sesame oil. But more on that next time. I'll be testing out the sesame oil both as a cleanser and as a moisturiser, so stay tuned for the results!

   Anyone tried Weleda Skin Food? Or are you planning to now?

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