7 Ways To Spice Up A Simple Ponytail

     A pony tail is my go-to hairdo when I have a bad hair day, haven´t had to time to wash my hair, or just need it out of my face. Over time I´ve developed some tricks to make it look less thrown together and more intentional and chic. All of these are super quick and easy. I´ll share them with you:

pony tail

Hide the elastic

   After you do your pony tail, take a strand of hair, wrap it around the elastic several times, and tuck the end under the elastic. It will look like you have magically used my hair instead of elastic!

high ponytail

A higher ponytail

   A low ponytail looks boring, hike it up a bit and it looks stylish and flattering. Something to do with revealing the neck and adding height. You must absolutely read this post about where to place your ponytail for maximum flattery!

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A bit of braid

   If you do prefer a lower ponytail, this trick will make it look interesting: start making a braid, but stop after the first three centimeters or so. Then tie with an elastic. Voila!

twist ponytail

The twist

   Another trick to make the simple low ponytail look like something special. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, and poke a space in the center just above the elastic. Thread all of the ponytail into that space and pull down. This extremely simple ´do looks pretty sophisticated. Here is a tutorial.

hair haredware

Hardware or software

   I adore the look of a simple steel clip. If you are of a more romantic type, tie a small black ribbon into a bow or a cute hair clip. Basically, you should a well-curated collection of hair accessories that you love. If you haven't yet, get creative: wrap a small scarf or add a flower!

messy ponytail

Messy strands

   After you do your ponytail, pull out a few strands around your face. This gives a carefree and fun look.

gelled ponytail

Smooth chic

   If you prefer polished to messy, try smoothing all your hair back with gel, so that not a strand is out of place. Pin the hair at the nape with a few bobby pins, if necessary.

     Have you tried any of these? What are you own ponytail tricks? I'd love to know!

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