Review: Daxon Online Clothing Store

   Hello Ladies! Recently I have been given the opportunity to review Daxon, an online clothing store retailing cute, comfortable items in a generous choice of sizes. The have online stores in the UK, France and Belgium, I reviewed the UK site. Here are my opinions!


    Their designs are mostly basics with cute twists, ranging from causal to semi-formal, with a few dressy pieces thrown into the mix. All of this is very affordable (and bigger sizes cost the same as small sizes!)
Here are my picks from their Spring 2012 line:

Essential Tailoring Ladies Dress

Ladies Asymmetrical Cardigan

Ladies Bolero-Cardigan with Slit Cuffs

Ann Weyburn® Ladies Graphic Print Knit Sweater

Ladies Dress with Front and Back Decorative Design

Ladies Striped Blazer Style Jacket

Plus size section:

    This very handy tab takes you to those items that are available in bigger sizes as well. There is a nice selection of cute basics in sizes up to UK36 and wide-fit shoes. What I did miss is items that were tailored at the waist and curve-friendly -- because many plus-size women have bigger busts and a smaller waist, and find boxy items rather unflattering.

The lingerie section:

    The lingerie section was a bit of a disappointment. First of all, the calculator: when I entered my underbust measurement (67cm) I had only two options for overbust measurement (which, funnily gets mislabeled as underbust)! Incidentally one of these measurements happened to be mine (81cm). The calculator showed me the size 30B, which is way off in the cups -- I wear size 28DD or 30D. I would love to see the calculator corrected and expanded.
     Lets talk bras. The bands at Daxon start at 32, and go up to an admirable 56. Cup go up to F which is not bad, but for a store with a strong focus on plus-size I would expect cups till K.
      I dig the nice selection of shapewear, especially the panty girdles.

PEDICONFORT® ballerina shoes


    The shoes at Daxon were a nice surprise: I believe in shoes in which I can run, walk miles, and still be able to dance for hours afterwards. On Daxon I was pleased to see Pediconfort shoes which are comfortable as well as cute: cushioned ballet flats, anyone? There are some nice colours and cute styles there, and I actually spotted a couple of pair I would like to own (which happens not so often, as I am extremely picky about shoes).


    I would like to see more swimwear with underwires and cup sizes, as we know here that nothing give shape and support quite like a swimsuit in your cup size.

Website and navigation:

    I liked that the site is uncluttered with just the right amount of categories. Items are easy to find, and browse-able by colours, brands and price. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it's surprising how many sites don't get this.
   Some of the products have several photos and even videos, some had only one. I would like to see several photos of each product, including a shot from the back (very important, I rarely buy stuff where I can't see the back view!). Videos are of course amazing, since they reveal details about the garment like no photo can.
    The size guide easily accessible form every product page, which is a plus point.


    I had to dig around a bit to find the online payment options, which are debit and credit card. It would be lovely to see Paypal added to that (and displayed on the home page), as I know plenty of people who don't own debit / credit cards and shop online exclusively with Paypal. Also, I couldn't find out whether the UK online store ships internationally.

   And finally the item that fascinated me most at Daxon:
18 Denier Ladder-Resistant Tights

   Have any of you ladies shopped at Daxon? What do think of their spring 2012 line?

Disclosure: post courtesy of Daxon Plus Size Clothing

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