February Lingerie Picks, In A Big Size Range

   February is supposed to be the month of romance or something. A great excuse to indulge in lingerie fantasies and hopefully treat yourself to a cute pair! Here are my lingerie favourites for this month:

Fraulein Annie
Falling In Love
Falling in Love by Fraulein Annie Lingerie
   Every Valentine day, Kayla liked slipped an anonymous Valentine message written on rose-scented paper into the mailbox of the little old lady who lived next door. She then spent the rest of the day drinking tea on her sunlit window seat, fantasizing about winning the lottery and moving to Bali.

  {Band size from a snug 32, cup till H.}

Ewa Michalak PL black
Ewa Michalak PL Black
   Nadia didn't see what the whole fuss about Valentine's Day was, so she ostentatiously told everyone she was spending the evening at the library, like every day. However, she couldn't resist putting on her most lacey lingerie and taking extra care with her makeup. To make up for it, she stayed in the science fiction section, and developed quite and appreciation for Cyber Punk.

   {A friend of mine recently bought this sweet little number and loves it to death. A lightly padded plunge, comes in bands starting at a very tight 30 band, till a HH cup, available at Ewa Michalak.}

Lace Luxe Bra by Faubourg
Lace Luxe Bra by Faubourg
     Celine spent the entire last week planning the perfect romantic evening with her man, up to the last detail. She decorated the room with peonies and candles, after which she baked strawberry cupcakes which she couldn't resist devouring all by her sweet self.

   {It's rare to see such a romantic bra in a cool colour. The brief is even more of a stunner. Right now on low stock at Bravissimo, hopefully they will re-stock!}

Freya Lyla
Freya Lyla
   Lyenne spent five hours trying to decide what to wear for dinner with her new flame. She ended up wearing the Freya Lyla set and black stockings under just a demure cream trench coat.

   {From a 28 Band till a G cup. Same cut as the Arabella, narrow underwires.}

Fauve by Fantasie
Lucia from Fauve By Fantasie
   Della woke up to a reminder on her phone that said: "ask cute guy at cafe out". She proceeded to go about her day avoiding said cafe as much as she could, and spent the afternoone painting her bedroom walls turquoise.

   {The Lucia is one of my personal favourites. The deep chocolate colour is to die for, and a nice change from the very predictable black. If brown is not your cup of tea, the Lucia is also available in opal and ruby. Bands from 30 and cups till G. Available at Figleaves.}

Elomi Betty
Elomi Betty
   Lia loved red lingerie. She spent every morning applying tons of sunscreen and penciling in a beauty spot near her lips. She also had weird dreams about riding trains in her underwear.

{Bands 34 up, cups till HH. Available at Simply Yours.}

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