Want A 26 (55) Band Bra? Here Is One!

26 55 band Blue Loren bra by Nikki Hesford

    Nikki Hesford from the Big Bra Bar has experimentally released the Midnight Blue Loren bra in a 26 band size! That is band 55 for you EUR girls. Nikki stated that, depending on demand, she might just produce more! Basically the success (or lack of it) of this bra model will determine whether the Big Bra Bar will produce more bras in a 26 band.
     So ladies, if you want to see more 26 bands on the market, vote for it by buying the Midnight Blue Loren. The Midnight Blue Loren bra costs £22.50 and there is a £10 discount if you pre-order. That's quite a steal! The bra currently comes in cups DD, FF, G and H (because this is a trial run). If you need a different cup size, let Nikki know via email or Facebook that you'd be interested in seeing more cup sizes and models in the 26 band. 

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