Weekend Reads 18-02-2012

beauty blogger what they think I do meme

   How was your week, lovely ladies? I took part in an anti-ACTA protest, made banana ice cream and caught up with a couple of friends I had not seen in ages. Also, I'm really happy about warm it's gotten this week (it's -6°C, but last week we had -26°C which is, as the Germans say, ass-cold).
   Here are some lovely links:

*Food: What emotional eating really looks like. I totally loved this, and what she writes about it being so different from the stereotyped emotional eating is so true!

*Bras: Cup and Measures love Ewa Michalak bras too!

*Write: Because my handwriting is sloppy, I love these handwriting tips.

*Pretty: These photography posing tips and tricks are amazing. Did you know there is a masculine and feminine head tilt?

* Beauty: lol, this happens to me too!

* Style: Allie answers some questions on shoes. I'm so glad she considers brown boots amazing, since I like how brown footwear bookends my outfit.

* Beauty: Want to know what was Marilyn Monroe's beauty and workout routine like? The simplicity and DIY-ness of it really struck me, especially in contrast with today's celebrities who seem to have a gaggle of personal chefs, fitness instructors and nutritionists.

* Want: These Korean beauty products.

* Cool: CSI facebook timeline.

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